My nap turned into oversleeping and I woke up almost midnight. And like most of our generation’s behavior, the first thing I do is face every screen I can.


They warn of a coming disaster. They remind of childhood drills that’ve been embedded in us. Like stop, drop, roll, they say hide under a table.

But what if?

What if this is your last night? What if you’ll sleep, wake up, do your morning routine, make sure to punctually clock-in the fishbowl that is your desk job? Is that really the last thing you’d want to see before you die?

Maybe we do need the warning. Maybe it’s not a warning of an impending doom. Maybe it’s warning us that we’re not living — that it’s as if we’re actually already dead — sleepless and already buried in boulders of debt  of monotonous routine. Mindless zombies who smalltalk in lines and have a few minutes of lunch or dinner with others to feel human.

“Live as if you are dying,” says Steve Jobs in his popular commencement speech.

It’s quite a good wake up call, (literally since I just woke up). “Shake things up a little,” I hear Mother Nature whispering to me, “don’t dwell, don’t settle.”

We are most certain that it is inevitable for things to move forward; not necessarily life, or earth, or whatever reality we’ve come to know and, most especially, in the way that we want them to. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, yeah?  It’s probably the one closest thing to the truth that we know: things will move on, in one form or another.

We are but a tiny speck in a tiny moment in this complex Universe.

If this is the last moment or day and it could all go away in a blink of an eye, we realize more important things because their value becomes inelastic. In the long run, in our best hopes that these are all just precautionary and nothing will happen, cherishing the value of these things become unsustainable. We’re reminded of a reality where things like responsibilities, commitments, and bills exist.

I have this prepper friend who founded Prepare Manila. They’re a group of hardcore prepeers who have the set of tools and skills to go beyond surviving an earthquake. If we really cared, a bunch of infographics that says don’t panic, don’t use the elevator, hide under a table or whatnot — if these are enough to make us feel comfortable about a grave earthquake forecast then it almost doesn’t matter, really. It doesn’t lean the odds to our favor that much. If it’s your time then it’s your time, some say.

I got inspired to write cause an old friend just messaged me a while ago, “…you’ll be a better you, I think, after this…” she sent in a random message.

“There’s really such a thin line, I guess, with pleasure and pain or maybe masarap din masktan. Haha parang tattoo,” she continued.

I guess there is merit in learning from the unexpected magnitudes of tragedy in our lives. , And yes, a new tattoo seems fitting.

All in all, I hope nothing happens and that everyone’s safe. :)

Why Every Millennial Needs a TEMPUR® Bed

We spend a a third of our lives sleeping. That’s an average of about 230,000 hours in a lifetime. With society’s demands from our generation, are we really getting enough sleep?


But you see, it’s not about quantity of sleep or the number of hours we put in. It’s the quality. Research shows that even if you sleep for over 8 hours a night, it doesn’t necessarily translate to full sleep cycles required by our mind and body to fully rejuvinate. And I feel strongly that this is why we really need to invest in getting quality sleep. I don’t really see it as  a luxury but more of a necessity. Yes, it takes over a hundred grand to score a Tempur® bed but it shouldn’t be less of a priority as getting quality sleep is a big step in life improvement.


This was taken 4 years ago in the TEMPUR® dealership in BGC

Tempur®‘s riduculous comfort is to die for. Their brand even claims the ability to remedy or heal a bunch of bodily pains and aches. And this makes so much sense as deep sleep is a requirement for the body to be able to heal itself.  And the same applies for proper conditioning and optimum performance of our minds for the waking life.

Can’t you see? Proper sleep will lead to increased productivity, innovations, creativity,  better economy, safer and more prosperous society, and many more. Our generation needs quality sleep. We need Tempur®.

Let The Good Times Roll

“Maybe there is no Heaven. Or maybe this is all pure gibberish  —


a product of the demented imagination of a lazy drunken hillbilly with a heart full of hate who has found a way to live out where the real winds blow — 10491068_10152459444950743_9097622710330870126_n

to sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whisky, and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind except falling in love and not getting arrested . . .


Res ipsa loquitur. Let the good times roll.” -Hunter S. Thompson

Globe GoUNLI20 Launched on National Best Friend Day

It’s National Best Friend Day. I love how there’s a lot of quirky and random holidays nowadays. I don’t necessarily participate. For me, because it’s a Sunday, it’s more of National Sleep All Day Day. Either way, this new promo from Globe is pretty cool:


It reminds me of Cornetto’s Hanggang Saan Aabot Ang 20 Pesos mo TVC which to me reflects inflation and a decline in the purchasing power of the individual.

Competition though, even in a duopoly, will bring down prices. We don’t even need the NTC to mandate prices. It was never NTC that dictated the prices. It was Sun Cellular entering the market and introducing unlimited services and promos that brought down the prices. Even when Smart had already purchased Sun, that impact of a competitor entering could never have been mandated by any government agency.

Should Smart have been allowed to purchase Sun? Some people will say it was antitrust. It’s debatable. But should competitors be allowed to enter the market? Of course. Some policies to reflect on would be regulatory barriers and constitutional restrictions that prohibit the entry of competitors (for both local and foreign) in both the business sense and in the infrastructural sense.

I’ve been stuck with prepaid since my smartphone got snatched. But back when I was with postpaid, I had the SIM with no time-requirement contract so I easily had it cut. Also, I got the cheapest possible plan. When I needed data or I know I’ll have high volume of calls and texts then that’s when I would create my own combination of promos. In the same manner, when I go to an area that I know will have unreliable coverage (like a beach or a far province), I would subscribe to nothing and only get the minimal charge. You have to understand that an integral part of a working marketplace is consumer responsibility. Because of Globe’s customizable GoSakto plans, just by dialing *143#, I could create my own promo that suited my needs.

And it’s the same for their prepaid service. I barely buy load and everyone knows that but people are still able to contact me. It’s important to take note that in Singapore, both incoming and outgoing calls have charges. I’m not comparing quality here. It’s more a cultural thing for Filipinos to really be in touch and to communicate and this is reflected in the market.

And that’s why companies like Globe create promos that focus on communication and choose to launch it on a day like National Best Friend Day. It’s marketing, yes, but it’s also very reflective of our culture that demands communication and also reflective of Globe’s initiatives to fill these gaps.

And Globe GoUNLI20 has more than just free calls. It also has data. It gives you the ability to send a message or a moment to the whole world with a tap on your screen. For all those prepaid subscribers like me, dial *143# and check it out.

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The Black Pig — If You’re Looking For Somewhere Steady and Chill to Hang, You’ve Come to the Right Place

As usual, I was looking for something new. After a week of monotonous wage labour routines, it’s natural for your body and mind to look for  something more than just your typical weekend. I didn’t want to go far nor be drained by the loud and bustling offers of the northern cities. And so as I asked my friends for recommendations and only one stood out — The Black Pig.

(photos by Kenneth Boren, Guada Cruz, Inka Pellicer-Magnaye)


I arrived alone and too early being that I almost always existentially and egotistically feel I’m the only one who recognizes the scarcity of time in our limited life. The place is beautiful. After a quick look inside and through the glass to see the balcony, I already fell in love with the place. The summer heat scared me and I wanted to be inside and comfortable but there were no available tables. And so I checked the balcony outside. It’s really so chill and steady. They even have couches if you prefer that.

I was pointing at a table and explaining to the waiter that I wanted the fan to be faced to it. A gentleman from behind that table stood up, walked up to me, and asked if I wanted his table. I was dumbfounded. It turns out he was the owner of the place and he was just being a wonderful host. I explain to him that it wasn’t necessary. Since my friends were all late, he stayed with me to chat until my friends arrived.


He was such a friendly and awesome guy. Turns out he was even part of Rizal Underground, the band who sang the popular song Bilanggo. We chat about his restaurant, its concept and inspirations, and other classic smalltalk stuff. He was just being very sociable and friendly. It shows that if you have strong ideas, honestly good products and services, all you need to do is be a nice guy and your customers will keep coming back. And we’ve been coming back since then.


Finally, the gang shows up. We order several of their craft beers. I personally prefer the local craft. It’s very smooth and I’m not really into those bitter ales. My friends on the other hand, chose the much stronger beers. One them even tried the 10% alcohol one.


The balcony outside is really so steady and chill. Perfect place to hang out and have some drinks and good food with your friends without the preferred loud sounds of the north.


The food was interesting. We ordered several like the chorizos and other tapas or whatever they’re called (I’m not much of a cultured man when it comes to European cuisine and I don’t want to be a pretentious critique, basta masrap at sulit is my philosophy). I personally ordered the chicken liver which was an absolute delight and was perfect with my craft beer.


I also ordered this cocktail only because the menu said it’s Bourdain’s favorite and something he orders wherever he goes. In tribute to him and his writing, I got one. I forgot what was in it though or what it’s called (haha probably was a fun night then).


I had one comment which was that the servings were small which my more cultured friend Jos Perfecto who’s more knowledgeable with stuff like this told me that this was typical of Spanish cuisine so turns out it was just my ignorance of other cultures complaining again. The experience of going to restaurants like this is holistic — you don’t just get a taste of what they’re cooking, you get a taste of other cultures.


Goofing around with Mr. Paid to be Funny Uli Oposa


Their craft beers and other drinks go so well with Tabacalera cigars, something I’ll be blogging about soon as well so watch out for that! For now, tara, let’s hang in the laid-back south and chill in Black Pig.

Find them here:
FB: The Black Pig
Twitter: @theblackpigmnl

Tonight’s FT: The Bob Black Sandwhich

I just created an awesome hotdog sandwich recipe that I shall refer to as The Bob Black Sandwich in tribute to what I consider to be his magnum opus The Abolition of Work. Everyone who participated in my not-so-successful good clean fun coffee only work night have left and so I’m stuck with hunger and a bit of work to do.


I just went all out. Whatever you can find. Ketchup, mayonnaise, butter, salt, pepper, hotdogs, buns, dill relish, mustard, red bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, and hot sauce. Cook and combine all together makes for a really awesome sandwich:


Bob Black merely questions how we regard the sanctity of life and the quality of the short time we spend on this earth. There are a lot of valid points that stakeholders should look into. Maybe take time to stop and smell the roses — or better yet, make awesome sandwiches.

Itanong Mo Sa Dagat

“Itanong mo sa dagat,” a friend suggested during a trip to one of the most breathtaking islands in the Philippines. “Sabi ng dagat, there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” I jokingly replied. Calaguas islands in Camarines Norte is crazy beautiful. I’ve been there before around two years ago but it still felt like my first time when we docked. Kahit saan ka tumingin, para kang nasa cover page ng Mabuhay magazine. (Photos by Guada Cruz)





I get back to Manila and an email welcomes me. It tells me that the unemployment rate of the Philippines will be decreasing yet again. I’ve been planning to write about my experience on my other blog very soon.

Tomorrow, I head back to the beach. Zambales, this time. And this time, there are no more questions.