Why Every Millennial Needs a TEMPUR® Bed

We spend a a third of our lives sleeping. That’s an average of about 230,000 hours in a lifetime. With society’s demands from our generation, are we really getting enough sleep?


But you see, it’s not about quantity of sleep or the number of hours we put in. It’s the quality. Research shows that even if you sleep for over 8 hours a night, it doesn’t necessarily translate to full sleep cycles required by our mind and body to fully rejuvinate. And I feel strongly that this is why we really need to invest in getting quality sleep. I don’t really see it as  a luxury but more of a necessity. Yes, it takes over a hundred grand to score a Tempur® bed but it shouldn’t be less of a priority as getting quality sleep is a big step in life improvement.

This was taken 4 years ago in the TEMPUR® dealership in BGC

Tempur®‘s riduculous comfort is to die for. Their brand even claims the ability to remedy or heal a bunch of bodily pains and aches. And this makes so much sense as deep sleep is a requirement for the body to be able to heal itself.  And the same applies for proper conditioning and optimum performance of our minds for the waking life.

Can’t you see? Proper sleep will lead to increased productivity, innovations, creativity,  better economy, safer and more prosperous society, and many more. Our generation needs quality sleep. We need Tempur®.


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