Ocean Waves And Mercury In Retrograde

I was told by random astrology websites that Mercury in retrograde may negatively affect me with anything that has to do with travel, health, and communication. Being uneasy about the idea that heavenly bodies intervene with my freewill, I decide to plan a trip to Zambales. What began as a trip for a group of three quickly grew and became one of the most random trips I’ve ever had.

Group photo c/o Inka

I am really thinking about enrolling in the nearby boxing gym to improve my stamina and endurance for better surfing performance. I understand I’m not enthusiastic about working out but the idea of being able to surf better is a very good incentive for me. An interesting motivation in spite of Mercury being in retrograde.

When it comes to the communication aspect, my internet at home has been at an all-time slow. It’s crazy. In spite of that, I’ve managed to provide myself with my daily dose of films and TV shows so it’s all good. Knowing how to manage my downloads and utilizing idle time really helps with dealign with my slow net. Honestly, I now realize that it was a bad idea to switch to Sky from PLDT. My net was above-average back when I was using PLDT’s DSL.

Speaking of heavenly bodies, I got to see 7 shooting stars during one of the nights we went stargazing. It’s probably the most I’ve seen in one night.

I got invited today to go to Baler on the 23rd by the Biyahe Lokal boys. Naturally, I’m so on board with the idea of going. I’m just hoping there’s no event I’m required to go to.


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