Ateneo vs La Salle vs Determinism

Assume that I’m in Mulligan’s, a popular pub along one of the main roads of the BF area. I join several of my  sports-oriented buddies to watch a UAAP game between the most hyped school rivalry propaganda.

With my Macbook Pro on the table and a bottle of beer beside me, I feel like some random sports journalist, yeah? A little too involved and emotionally invested in the game’s outcome and the post-game data analysis inferred from the very little knowledge I have of the game dynamics.

But any game could be made interesting: you place a wager. You are now a stakeholder and have this vested interest in one of the teams. Here’s the dilemma:

I only have 1,000 pesos in my wallet. Let’s assume that I bet all of it on La Salle winning. Mind you, I have already consumed several bottles, meaning I already owe the pub money. And now, let’s assume I continue to indulge in drinks and maybe some food. The fish and chips, perhaps.

Compared to Schrödinger’s cat, after the game, I am either dead or alive. Even in a super micro quantum level, there is randomness. Electrons and whatnot show chaos and therefore implies freewill and uncertainty. It’s a gripping existential realization.

The game has never been this interesting for me, you see? Exactly.

Animo La Salle.


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