The Machine is Us

Look how artsy-looking my blog post is. They’re just CC0 license  photos from, meaning no need for attribution and could be modified or repurposed for personal or even commercial use. Remember when we used to call this (blogging, and all) “web 2.o” (two point ow)? I just remembered that the machine is us video and its foresight in how copyright and intellectual property rights will be shifted somehow.


Just updating on this silly blog because I’m bored and I’m in my cocoon mode again. Sparks of energy in my brain are sending signals to my fingers to press specific buttons on this laptop that then become black letters on this white screen. And you, whoever you are, dear reader, are now processing these black characters and same sorts of sparks are firing up in your brain. In a way, I transferred energy, huh?

We were once taught to differentiate syntax from semantics, probably mandated, since it involved John Searle’s “Chinese Room Argument” as some sort of rebuttal to Turing’s test or something. I guess strong AI is bad PR for religious organizations because if one day humanity is really able to somehow develop, it’s somehow challenging the concept of creating life and where life comes from.

It’s comforting to find merit in being reduced to theories of functionalism especially for times when it’s Irrational. Ridiculous, even.


I gradually started smoking again last June 12, 2015 after a year of ceasing. It’s proof of concept, at best, as I’m pretty sure I’m back on the habit but knowing well it’s no struggle to do one round of riding this planet around the sun without it.

Having a blog is a great repository of personal data.  My previous post on Salmon and Carcinoma remind me it doesn’t really matter. I remember watching podcasts about epigenetics a lot and was very interested in how it could alter or remove what we can call “bad data’ from our DNA and maybe one day not have to worry about terminal illnesses.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv02 preset

Several other points, such as not going anywhere unless it’s the ocean. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t seen the ocean in over a year. Also, my previous post about this government warning on earthquakes indicate I wanted to get a new tattoo. I guess it’s really something that’s always at the back of anyone’s mind who’s already been inked but a matter of allocating budget for it as it’s not as immediate or necessary.

I have this plan for an adaptive post (already a draft, actually) for Valentine’s on the political blog. It’s about this economics grad I met who, as usual, is a believer of Lord Keynes, and even claimed she absolutely loved his magnum opus (the general theory on money…). She then expounds about her thesis that actually was on the effects of free trade on wages. She claims positive results but then asks me if I’m aware of econometrics.

Interesting how most economic scholars will only know of F.A. Hayek among the proponents of the Austrian School of Economics. Most have no idea who Mises is or what Praxeology is. Anyway, I basically spoiled it already. It’s good, in case I don’t get to post it tomorrow. I actually wrote about traffic and congestion in Imperial Manila last night but it feels uninspired now that I look at it. Was quite tired, too, and yeah, I’m quite the cocoon.

I’m just bored, really. Waiting for preferred human beings to hang out with to come up with a realistic plan I can go for.

So I guess it comes off more a fallacy than a precedent when referencing those in history with similar habits that are usually frowned-upon. Okay, I’ll just make sure not to forget that I’m craving a vanilla latte and should utilize the free gym subscription I’m entitled to. So far, I’ve watched a Marvel movie.

Yeah. It makes a lot of sense from psychology to sociology to cultural norms and many other things separate from technology. The machine IS us. Be bug-free.


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