Globe GoUNLI20 Launched on National Best Friend Day

It’s National Best Friend Day. I love how there’s a lot of quirky and random holidays nowadays. I don’t necessarily participate. For me, because it’s a Sunday, it’s more of National Sleep All Day Day. Either way, this new promo from Globe is pretty cool:


It reminds me of Cornetto’s Hanggang Saan Aabot Ang 20 Pesos mo TVC which to me reflects inflation and a decline in the purchasing power of the individual.

Competition though, even in a duopoly, will bring down prices. We don’t even need the NTC to mandate prices. It was never NTC that dictated the prices. It was Sun Cellular entering the market and introducing unlimited services and promos that brought down the prices. Even when Smart had already purchased Sun, that impact of a competitor entering could never have been mandated by any government agency.

Should Smart have been allowed to purchase Sun? Some people will say it was antitrust. It’s debatable. But should competitors be allowed to enter the market? Of course. Some policies to reflect on would be regulatory barriers and constitutional restrictions that prohibit the entry of competitors (for both local and foreign) in both the business sense and in the infrastructural sense.

I’ve been stuck with prepaid since my smartphone got snatched. But back when I was with postpaid, I had the SIM with no time-requirement contract so I easily had it cut. Also, I got the cheapest possible plan. When I needed data or I know I’ll have high volume of calls and texts then that’s when I would create my own combination of promos. In the same manner, when I go to an area that I know will have unreliable coverage (like a beach or a far province), I would subscribe to nothing and only get the minimal charge. You have to understand that an integral part of a working marketplace is consumer responsibility. Because of Globe’s customizable GoSakto plans, just by dialing *143#, I could create my own promo that suited my needs.

And it’s the same for their prepaid service. I barely buy load and everyone knows that but people are still able to contact me. It’s important to take note that in Singapore, both incoming and outgoing calls have charges. I’m not comparing quality here. It’s more a cultural thing for Filipinos to really be in touch and to communicate and this is reflected in the market.

And that’s why companies like Globe create promos that focus on communication and choose to launch it on a day like National Best Friend Day. It’s marketing, yes, but it’s also very reflective of our culture that demands communication and also reflective of Globe’s initiatives to fill these gaps.

And Globe GoUNLI20 has more than just free calls. It also has data. It gives you the ability to send a message or a moment to the whole world with a tap on your screen. For all those prepaid subscribers like me, dial *143# and check it out.

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