Trip to Sorsogon

Time is the most scarce resource. It is irreversible. It is not sustainable. It is constantly running out. The way you spend or trade your time must be thoughtfully calculated with the deepest reflections of what’s truly important.

Paguriran Sorosogon
Paguriran Beach

Mayon Volcano

Some say the average lifespan is at around 70. Almost a third of this is spent sleeping. For the rest of our waking lives, it is spent like Sisyphus, pushing a rock up a hill just for it to fall down again. I once likened it to the smartphone game Temple Run: we run endlessly in a repetitive maze to collect coins and power-ups but inevitably, no matter what score you get, you die in the end.


Gubat Bay Sorsogon
Gubat Bay

Malcolm Gladwell says outliers take up to 10,000 hours of research or practice before becoming an expert in their field. Calculate that against your average lifespan. Hold on to the result, step back, and reflect.


Matnog Bicol
View from our hotel in Matnog (the southern edge of Luzon)

I haven’t seen the ocean in the longest time, not even during the summer. The suppression was good, in a way. I felt like a kid entering a toy store the moment I saw the ocean, heard the waves, and smelled the salty air.


Juag Lagoon Matnog Sorsogon
Upon docking on Juag Lagoon

There is this culture of dependency, somewhat based on indoctrination, in selling your life on a bi-monthly installment plan. It’s quite Pavlovian in nature. I’ve always dreaded the idea of trading time for paper currency. Most importantly (although already a compromise), weekends are sacred. Weekends should never be for sale.

Juag Lagoon
Cehcking out some sea creatures at Juag Lagoon

I get it. I learned. I’ve been humbled and molded into a much strong-willed, patient, and disciplined being. I understand, ever so deeply, the importance of the gears that all work together in order to keep the giant clockwork going. But I also understand, now more than ever, that men are not machines; that I am a free man and I am the artisan of my own fortune. You are too.

Subic Island Beach
Subic Island Beach

The whole trip cost around 2,500 pesos for 3 days of so many awesome activities, many of which are not in the photos above (the food like bicol express pizza, chili ice cream, the hot springs, lovely kayaking at bulusan lake, etc.). It is my second time in Bicol only last time it was in the northern part (see also Calaguas Island in Bicol) again with my friend who manages (be sure to watch out for his blog post about our trip to Sorsogon very soon).   Also, traveling always ignites my reflections on political philosophy and public policy so be sure to watch out for my post on


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