In many instances, genius cannot be credited or disclosed and will forever remain silent in the behind-the-scenes of history. I’ve allegedly done school papers for college students for a price if I found the subject interesting (and allegedly got excellent and top grades). I’ve allegedly photoshopped and falsified public documents; some for a price, some for fun, and some just to help out people get through bureaucracy. I don’t find these allegations immoral at all. In fact, I think it’s genius. Perhaps a “gray hat” con-artist practitioner of sorts. Chaotic neutral. But in the end, I neither confirm nor deny.

I’m currently reading the screenplay of Kill Bill. You can find a copy here:

It’s yet another instance of genius. You don’t even need to watch the movie to appreciate it. From its very conception, you can tell there’s already a vision, a grand plan, a beautifully orchestrated series of events. It’s so detail-oriented and specific. I’m reading it on my smartphone and it’s still as awesome in spite of the fact that I’ve seen the movie a couple of times.

The right side of my brain is thirsty. It’s dehydrated. Longing for any sort of spark that it forces me to diabolically plot against nurses and physicians, peacefully going about their day. I love pushing things to the borderline of unacceptable and somehow make it entertaining. I love the idea of getting free parking every time I go to work. It’s a challenge of sorts. It’s a mini-adventure, a sub-plot.

I am a button-pusher. I have sold my life on a bi-monthly installment plan. If you look at the narratives of Fight Club, The Beach, or The Matrix, the common denominator is escaping the desk’s routine. And so day in and day out I am able to gather puzzle pieces and from all this and a bigger picture is slowly being formed.

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2. Platts Forum on Oil, Coal, and Biofuels
3. An Immersive Project I’m Working On


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