French Vanilla and Education

She liked French vanilla, I remember. It was mostly sugar and flavoring but she loved it nonetheless. I like mine black. Pure and strong flavor. Quite the acquired taste. Without that early crash that comes from sugar. Caffeine is a necessary evil, I’ve always said. It is one legal alternative agaist the existential dread that comes about from waking up early.

Schooling does not always equate to education. One guy said, “don’t do it, you won’t learn anything. It’ll be a waste of your money and time.”

I mostly agreed. As early as age 16 I was already exposed to counterculture, reading about the likes of John Taylor Gatto and whatnot from a publication called The Forbidden Times.

Problem is, I learn from the most menial of things. I tend to overanalyze and affirm my confirmation bias. It’s almost impossible for me to learn nothing. I may not always learn what’s supposed to be learned but still something will be learned.

I once remembered the Kantian argument of the perfect circle, that which has points all equidistant from the center, existing only in the mind but not in reality. It was an interesting position against Anselm. That was a few days ago.

That was while I was working on a 3D presentation for work. I needed to embrace my perception of space or atleast the representation thereof within the software I was using. The X, Y, Z, orientations. The external world, after all, could be represented as gemoetric or mathematical figrues. Everything can be graphed somehow. And from these graphs, as Aronofsky’s Pi posited, patterns emerge.

This is all related to coffee. Along with Aronofsky, it is a favorite among filmmakers to film the creamer, seemingly chaotic, mixing with black coffee. And I was just watching the creamer as it created patterns and imagery, much like the static on your unconnected TV screen, only in a more graceful and fluid manner.

I wake up early preparing for yet another form of schooling. It is unlike the cell-type and monopolized curriculum we are used to. It harnesses the power of the internet. And I am guessing it is safe to assume I’ve learned so much more from the internet than all of my contemporary schooling experience combined. But as I prepare, I remind myself:

I am a visitor here. I am not permanent… I am finally seeing, I was the one worth leaving. 


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