On Being Sick and Old Wives’ Tales (“you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather”)

Okay, so I’m sick. Cough, colds, other flu-like symptoms, feverish, the works. And I know it’s my own fault. I was already feeling under the weather yesterday but I had this urge to push myself to the limit, as usual. Laughter, music, friends — these things  are the best medicine, yeah?

Sky was already blue on my way back to the south

You know that old wives’ tale of getting sick from walking under the rain? I see some truth in it, of course. The immune system is probably much weaker when one’s body temperature is cold. Although it’s just water, really. I don’t think I see any difference from showering. But yeah, I’m sick and it probably has something to do with the weather. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the rain.

I miss my film SLR more than anything

I do feel quite cold. I wish I had a fireplace. No, scratch that. I wish you were here to make me feel warm. I wish you’d cook chicken soup for me (speaking of old wives’ tales once more). I know for a fact that your presence alone, you being near me, will make me feel better. We’ve discussed this though — it’s irrational.

Well, enough with this delusional banter. Haha. I’ve actually got some work to be done. This is nothing a cup of coffee and some ibuprofen can’t take care of. Oh yeah, I might actually be on TV tomorrow because of what I wrote about the President’s SONA on Monday.

It’s as if they knew me and they had to warn me that I shouldn’t be naked or randomly take off my clothes during the interview haha. I think I’m meeting up with my boss tomorrow and might actually miss watching the SONA. I can activate 3G though and just get Twitter updates. I don’t really care about seeing myself on TV. In fact, I wish none of you would. Haha, you know when you hate hearing your own voice? I was so unprepared and very incoherent, I think.

Tara Boracay tayo. Or wherever. I just want to see the ocean and lie down on the sand. Haaaay. C’est la vie, yeah?

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