Why I Wanted to Watch Chicane (and Why I didn’t)

It’s obvious that Chicane is a big fan of post-rock and Icelandic music. Although there were already some of his older sounds that seemed to stray away from the “being stuck with only producing house music” kind of path, he had some pretty awesome chillout tracks. Although it was after he released Poppiholla, his rendition of the Sigur Rós song Hoppípolla, that I noticed he really got into the Icelandic flavor of post-rock.

On this song below he really goes all out and even collaborates with Vigri, an Icelandic band. It’s really so beautiful. I love the mixture of naturalness of Icelandic post-rock and the electronic flavors that Chicane is able to contribute.

Chicane was actually here like a while back and I really wanted to watch but then it was in Republiq, if I remember correctly. It’s this typical party place club (or whatever you call it) here in Manila. I’ve never really been there but I assumed it would be the typical dance-filled setting, much like a rave.

That’s really not how I want to watch Chicane (or any other EDM producers for that matter). I would prefer it to be like a gig where I have a chair and table and watching the artist perform. Of course, there will still be a dance floor, much like how gigs have an area in front where people can stand and rock out or whatever.

Also, would Chicane really have played these more chillout post-rock sounding songs of his if it’s in a place like Republiq? I highly doubt it.

Well, I also didn’t have money. I didn’t really want to spend for something, that as I have said, isn’t even my ideal setting to watch artists like Chicane.

Sigur Rós is actually playing in Singapore in November. I really hope I get to go. I never imagined in my life that I could ever watch them live and it’s great that they’ll be playing in a country that’s near the Philippines and doesn’t have strict borders. I really hope I’m able to go.

Anyway, I’m employed now. I’m really very excited about it and very optimistic about the future.

Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!


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