24p vs 30p — I think I’ve Finally Figured it Out (or have I?)

Here are 2 videos I made. The first one was shot in Calaguas island in Bicol and the other one more recently in Real, Quezon. The first one is shot in 30p and the second in 24p.

It really is something that bothers me a lot every time I use my camera; the decision of choosing between 24p and 30p. Exactly the same thing happened with the Boracay videos I took (see 24p vs 30p — a Comparison of my Boracay Videos and the 24p Anomaly). Even in that blog post, I somehow prematurely concluded that I will be using 30p from then on. But obviously this isn’t the case because in this next video of our trip to Real, Quezon I shot it at 24p:

Both were shot with the same camera and rendered in 5 kbps 720p h.264 as recommended by Vimeo (see my article Best HD Render Settings for Vimeo using Adobe Media Encoder). Obviously though you can notice stark differences in quality.

Apparently, I was reading in a forum, Vimeo unintentionally drops frames at times during its transcoding process. And obviously, also since h.264 at 5 kbps already destroys quality in fast motion shots, when you drop frames when the video is already at 24 fps, you will lose the illusion of the persistence of vision! It will be unrealistically choppy and jumpy as I’ve always been annoyed with (see this post for more on that annoyance of mine)!!! My eyes are just so sensitive about it and I hate it.

Well, this is all a learning process. Hands on experience really makes a difference when it comes to learning. It’s really very reflective of the 10,000 hours rule.

Vimeo still remains, in my opinion, the best free service when it comes to quality of videos. That being said, I’m gonna be shooting in 30p from now on (that’s exactly what I said last time though so it’s not really sure haha).


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