Malcolm Gladwell Talks to Anderson Cooper About 10,000 Hours Rule

It’s funny that during a job interview a few days ago, I got to chat with a fellow interviewee about making money through blogging and search engine optimization. He told me about how you can rank without having to write your own content and instead just copying content online (which of course is something that can get you banned from AdSense if done blatantly).

It reminded me of this SEO seminar of Jeff Johnson that I watched several years ago about how you can just use RSS feeds to continuously generate content for your website and rank on several keywords using the content of others. I have seen many sites do this. In fact, many were successful.

It’s crazy how in just a short span of time, techniques like this might not be applicable anymore. Search engines like Google are getting better each day at deciding what is “quality content” or “relevance” of content. There really are no rules. There are only short-lived trends.

For instance, this video of Malcolm Gladwell talking to Anderson Cooper about his 10,000 hours theory, do you think this blog post will rank? I’m not really talking about it exactly but I have used the keywords in both the title and in the content (just a sentence ago, actually). Also, WordPress’ tags are very convenient because they, as categories of the main website WordPress and not this blog specifically, can rank in themselves.

But how will the search engine know? It cannot know. It’s all just algorithms and there’s a good chance that it will rank (especially since is very powerful when it comes to ranking).

I didn’t even have to write about it. The video is not even mine. I just grabbed it from YouTube. It’s similar to the whole RSS feed idea.



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