Messing Around with the Piano

The piano here in the house is tuned half step down for some reason and I don’t really know how to tune it. I’m just messing around the scale, really. It’s an incomplete song I made from a long time ago that really got stuck to me. I’m actually listening to a metronome on my headphones (it’s that wire you see) because I was planning to add beats or synths or even accompaniment of guitar or violin. Just decided to upload it as is. Didn’t even bother with the track I recorded on Ableton Live which explains the bad audio (this is the mic on my camera). Also, sorry for that flat.

Finally got to try out the Magic Bullet plug-ins. It’s really not a big deal, I guess. Good thing I really got into coloring my photos before that I feel I can do exactly what Colorista or Mojo does even without the plug-ins. It definitely makes life so much easier because you have everything you need in just one set of effects (especially in Mojo). It’s more of automation, really.

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