On Coloring Videos

I love coloring videos. If anything, colors can really change one’s perception of a film. I did talk about the popularity of DSLR videos and how proper coloring and combination with 24p can really give it that “film-look”. Here’s a tutorial from Creative Cow with some really neat tips and tricks on how the pros in the industry color their videos (this is just part 1 by the way):

The video uses Magic Bullet’s Colorista in Adobe After Effects. It is a really powerful plug-in although if you do get the idea of shadows, midtones, and highlights, then you can use other built-in effects in After Effects or Premiere. Although I’ve been meaning to transition to Colorista (because of the tutorial), I’ve been using stuff like RGB curves and other tools I use in Photoshop (the stuff I use to color or enhance photographs).


One great tip from the video is the use of the app on kuler.adobe.com. It’s basically this tool that fixes up color combinations for you based on the time-tested and trusted theories on colors (analogous, complementary, etc). It’s always safe and useful to stick to these rules. Time and time again, ever since the dawn of traditional art, these rules have been proven to entice human perception and is not something we should just ignore.

On the video above, I made the video a lot warmer and yellowish to give it a “summer” vibe and basically get a similar vibe from Corona’s From Where You’d Rather Be video. In the tutorial, the guy talks about thinking about the “look” you want even when you’re still shooting (colors in the set and what people are wearing) and it makes a lot of sense. In that video I made, being that we were in the beach, I’ve been messing around with white balance already to make my raw shots on the warmer side already (and not to mention the natural warmth in color during sunset).

Also, I will be shooting in 24p from now on. I knew I’ll eventually regret shooting in 30p. I can always convert it to 24p anyways and do that remove pulldown thing. I have talked about this dilemma in my post about House season 7 and going to Cebu and in my post about my Boracay videos. I think this frustration really roots on wanting an even better camera. The quality is just never enough. I always want more. I did talk about this in my Best HD render settings for Vimeo article.

I do love videoing random things and random trips and it’s really a great learning experience to just keep on doing it. Ever since I’ve began using my camcorder, I’ve just been learning so much on how to unleash its potential. With ridiculous advancements in camera sensor technology, video DSLRs are just becoming so awesome. I’m thinking about getting one but I am a bit conflicted about it (a case I’ll have to leave for another blog post).

CMOS vs 3CCD – Redefining Broadcast Quality


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