My Ideal Music Workstation

I remember this video went viral a while back and saw a couple of friends sharing it on Facebook. Again, like I said on my article about Madeon being only 17-year old, I’m really just so amazed at his talent, attention to detail, and originality.

On the video, for example, he’s not just triggering segments. Before that, he had to have arranged and automated so much sounds and effects, thus my sentiment of him having so much attention to detail. I know this by experience because I use Ableton Live as well and I know how complex and time-consuming it could be. Also, you see his own style, his own original sound coming out in the way he arranged the different songs together. It’s as if he orchestrated every moment of the song, even to the very small moments, to attain that sound of his. It’s house with a lot of glitch elements, at the very least. I don’t even know how to describe his music. Also, in spite of the complexity, his songs sound very marketable and has that contemporary club flavor. I figured I should use his remix of Deadmau5′ song Raise Your Weapon as an example to explain what I mean:

Deadmau5 surely has his own unique style and sound, there’s no doubt about that. His songs in themselves are already so out-of-the-box. In Madeon’s remix of the song above though, he was able to showcase his own original sound on a song that we’re all somehow familiar with. Just listen to the song and compare it to the performance style on the pop culture video that went viral. It’s really so complex and orchestrated, very well thought of. The fast switches and changes in sound, that very modern timing and progression,  it really makes me feel that there’s so much more to learn.

As you can see, he uses Novation Launchpad with Ableton Live. This is really the edge of Ableton Live is that it has this “live” feel (duh) with an interface optimized for real-time access and performance. It does inspire me because, even without this midi controller to trigger sounds, I know we are using the same software and I can make the same kind of music he does. Of course, I will need midi controllers but I’m not really thinking about getting a Novation Launchpad. I want something with knobs and sliders so I can mess around with effects and instruments in real-time. I’m thinking a Trigger Finger:

Of course I won’t be using it exactly as it is portrayed in the video. I could use trigger pads just as Madeon uses the ones in the Novation Launchpad only at the same time I get the knobs and sliders for effects and stuff. And also an Axiom 25:

I’ll be using the keyboard to play and add riffs or leads in real time while at the same time the other features of the Axiom 25 to make my workflow even better. Well, I’m sure you can visualize my ideal set-up by now along with my Macbook Pro. It’ll all cost around 20k for the whole thing, I’m guessing. Although a friend mentioned once that there’s this mall somewhere in the north that’s full of MIDI controllers so maybe I can look around there for other similar but cheaper controllers. Aside from  that, I’ve also been meaning to buy an electric guitar. I just really want to optimize my music workstation. Oh, a decent studio microphone wouldn’t be so bad to add to that set-up, maybe for recording acoustics and vocals. I saw a USB microphone for 6k in Festival mall before and it looked really decent.

Okay, now to think about how I’ll make the money I need to complete my ideal workstation. I should prioritize getting a decent MIDI controller really soon.


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