Asa & Stumbleine Collaboration EP “Your Secret” — Shut up and take my money!

Two of my favorite brilliant electronic music artists from the UK, Asa & Stumbleine, are releasing a collaboration EP on  the 7th of May.

Here are some of their previous collaborations below, both of which are very close to my heart (they’re both unofficial fan-made videos, btw). I do love the imagery their sound is able to create in my head. Fans of TV Series Skins will be surprised as their are samples from a certain episode of the show on the Asa’s Leave the Lights On. Here’s a vid of Stumbleine’s remix of that song:

Here’s another remix of Stumbleine of Asa and KOAN sound’s song “Kaneda”:

There’s really so many different names for this “future garage” type of sound/genre or more generally “post-dubstep” or “chillstep” (being that this is somewhat a much slower and experimental type of sound that evolved from dubstep), but entirely is still considered to be a subgenre of dubstep. I mean, I’m not really big on being rigid about classifying music according to genre but regardless of what name we give this kidn of sound, it’s important to realize that dirty bass wobbles or Skrillex do not define what dubstep is. Maybe check out Burial, Lojik, or Submerse just to name other of my favorites from the top of my head. It’s really so complex to classify this kind of sound because it combines so many elements form other electronic music sub-genres as well like breakbeat, glitch, downtempo, drum and bass, and even IDM etc. If you’re interested in this kind of music, you should check out Jam I Am’s Playlists on YouTube (this is actually the channel where I discovered Asa & Stumbleine).

I want to buy the vinyl of this collaboration album. I prefer something tangible to mp3. I should really invest on a player. My friend actually knows where I can buy a vinyl player that converts to an attache case. It’s pretty cool.

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