My Cover of Daft Punk’s Something About Us Using Ableton Live

I’ve always been so impressed by Balance and the Traveling Sounds’ cover of this song. Much like Daft Punk, I do enjoy messing around the vocoder because singing has always been a frustration of mine so I figured I would make a cover of the song.

For house or other electronic music, it’s quite rare for you to actually find tabs or chords or whatever. I’m not really perfect pitch. I mean, I could do it all by ear but it would have taken so much more effort so luckily there are those who post video tutorials of how to play them and one of them is this video below that gave me an idea at how I will arrange the song in Ableton Live.

I didn’t want to get rusty and covering songs is a perfect way of practicing and learning. I’ve been using Ableton Live since version 6, it’s really my software of choice for making music. I did hate it that back then stuff like vocoder or side chaining (something that has long been built-in in FL Studio) wasn’t available yet. Good thing they decided to add those plug-ins in versions 7 and 8.

For my next cover I really want to try out a song by Skrillex like With You, Friends (Long Drive) that this amazing brilliant guy covered on the video below:

Hearing Skrillex’s song in this kind of medium can really make you appreciate his style and originality when it comes to arranging and orchestration. It’s quite complex, in my opinion. The actual song has some sort of vocoder effect as well and dissecting apart the vocal track, which is something I can probably do. I will need sheet music for this though and I don’t know where to get. I really envy those who have amazing perfect pitch skills that they can just listen to something they can play it right away. With time and effort, I am eventually able to do that with some songs but for something as complex as Skrillex and to try to translate it into my own style would be a real challenge.

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