Job Hunting Season

This is what goes through my head as I browse through different job posts in the various job sites online:

Boring. Boring. Boring. I’d rather be shot in the face. Boring. Boring. Puke. Boring…

My biggest concern about the whole concept of selling my weekdays for a sum of money or, more appropriately, selling my life on a monthly installment plan is that I hate routine. I know for a fact that the misery and alienation won’t be worth the typical wage companies offer. If anything, sending my resume to companies is somewhat of a compliment that says something along the lines of “I actually think I won’t be bored with what you’ll pay me to do.” But almost all these job posts are all almost the same.

The Story of Your Enslavement by Stefan Molyneux

I actually appreciate personality exams. I mean, most of my life I have been against standardized tests and I’ve always believed that personality tests trivialize the power and potential of the mind as most of contemporary schooling already has, but I appreciate it. It’s an interesting attempt to make things a bit more scientific. Most branches of psychology, of course, is a very soft science, not really very exact, except of course for the very physiological ones like neuroscience or neurobiology (and there’s still so much to learn even in these fields). I just appreciate it but I don’t necessarily agree with it.

Comma splice, comma splice, comma splice, drained of all creativity and imagination, afraid to break rules or conventions, afraid to change things, afraid to connect separate clauses using a commas.

I’m just so frustrated that I think I’ve gone through almost all posts in different job sites and they’re almost all the same. Most job descriptions are like this:

Come join us and become a gear in our giant clockwork. You can go tick, tock, tick, tock, and we will give you money for it.

But this is all voluntary. No one is pointing a gun at me and forcing me to apply. Save the obvious retorts. I probably understand and defend voluntary exchanges way more than you. What I am pointing out is all merely personal preference. Just something I don’t like not something I think everyone ought to not like as well.

It’s a good sign actually. The trend with success stories is that they usually begin with some sort of conflict/struggle/rejection. I just really have to alter my vision of the future and make small iterations as needed based on new things I learn. Charge it to experience.

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