Madeon is only 17 years old

Remember that first ever mix I made? The first song there Icarus by Madeon is one of my absolute favorite songs right now. I actually wanted to make another mix and so naturally, I look up Madeon to check out his other songs and remixes so I can include them. And guess what I found out: that brilliant song I love was made by a 17 year old kid. Damn, that’s impressive.

I mean, I don’t even know if this kid is even allowed to enter clubs yet and he’s already creating such brilliant beats and tunes. Apparently, he’s touring right now, so again my question would be: is he even allowed to enter clubs? Haha, it’s just so mind-blowing. What is this anomaly? Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours theory thing is seemingly debunked because this kid is definitely a genius. I can’t wait for what else he’ll come up with as he gets better and better.

And here I am turning 24 next week. This really makes me appreciate his talent and music so much more. We should get neuroscientists to examine and observe his brain or something so we can discover what it is that’s going on in there when he’s making his music haha. Here’s one of his first works on YouTube that went viral:

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