Definitely, Maybe

It’s ridiculous, really. I haven’t slept and I’m watching Definitely Maybe (2008). I’m an hour and 24 minutes in. Deux Ex Machina — the lovely Rachel Weisz just happens to be walking along the same street where our protagonist is sitting contemplatively, thinking about April (he actually just found this specific book that she’s been looking for her whole life).

Ironically, it’s April Fool’s Day today. I’m sleepless and randomly watching a chick flick (one of the few good ones, in my opinion). Due to confirmation bias, I actually see parallels in my life with the movie.

Of course, in real life, I don’t have Ryan Reynold’s “boyishly handsome looks” (this is how the character of Rachel Weisz describes Reynolds). Also, I’m not big fan of Clinton. In my imaginary world, I’m actually working my way up into promoting Ron Paul and libertarianism. Much like Reynold’s character’s humble beginnings, I am still at the toilet paper stacking stage of that process. Also, I’ve pondered being president, just as he did (just as most of us probably do).

And like him, relationships have come and gone. This is quite simply explained by Shel Silverstein’s “The Missing Piece” (something mentioned at a gathering I had with some friends last night, if I remember correctly). A lot of it, as expressed in the film, really has to do with chance and timing, being at the right place at the right time, choices and decisions. It is actually very complex. Life, relationships, career, etc. It’s a great film because of the mystery. Mystery is always an important factor in films or TV shows I like. J.J. Abrams beautifully explains it in his TED talk which I’ve written about here.

I’m actually doing a Rachel Weisz marathon of sorts. She really is such a beautiful and lovely actress. That explains the movie, actually. The sleeplessness is more of this weird technique I’ve developed when I need to wake up early the day after. I actually have a job interview tomorrow.

I was actually in Malate very recently (I don’t remember days or nights anymore but it’s probably on my Twitter). I’ll never forget this story my father told me that, after he graduated college, he attributes his first ever job that he got to Malate church (the one by Aristocrat). Interestingly enough, I walked by that church that when I went to Malate.

I’m not really a religious person. I’m more of a pantheist, at the very least. Anything beyond that would be too taboo for me to discuss, I suppose. I don’t consider my father very religious as well and the fact that he thinks of a place of worship as significant and unforgettable makes it somehow relevant to me.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with an extra 100 to 200 dollars every now and then from Google. And thankfully, it continues to grow.

I apologize for the somewhat nonsensical rant. I am sleepless and I just watched a Mystery Chick Flick (quite a rare genre, yeah?).  And I’m about to go downstairs to make coffee to continue on this stupid technique to be able to wake up early tomorrow. Sure, definitely…



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