Drawn to Taft Avenue

Yesterday, I was randomly drawn to Taft avenue. I saw an ambulance stuck in traffic with its siren on. We parked on the third floor of EGI tower from where there is a perfect view of the passing LRT. What you may not know is that this is all part of a script I wrote for a screenwriting class I had back in college. Somehow, regardless if coincidence, the universe seems to be conspiring to remind me (maybe much like “The Observers” in Fringe or those wearing suits in The Adjustment Bureau).

Transit. That’s the working title of the film. Obviously unfinished and rushed by the deadlines and requirements of the class. The story begins with my character Ramil (a struggling working student taking up nursing) who finds comfort in riding the LRT because he’s also actually a photographer (he uses an old film SLR of his dad who passed away when he was a young boy) and loves taking pictures of people and the different places in the LRT stations   [this is actually part of the revised version because in the one I submitted to my professor, Ramil is into drawign/graphic design].

Photos I took of Carriedo station (Hidalgo/Binondo area)

Little did I know that this is just a small part of a grander scheme that my brain has been working on. The story has now evolved. There is now one character per station, from Baclaran to Blumentritt, usually focusing on the historical significance of the station’s name and of course on the different struggles the characters are going through. Baclaran station’s character, for instance, focuses on a struggling working mother who is devoted to going to Baclaran Church. Same goes for every station: I showcase its historical and cultural significance while at the same developing authentic characters. And of course, it won’t be a “Harry” story if there ain’t no twist so surely that’s something to watch out for. And I swear, it is quite a mind-blowing twist.

Obviously, it’s so unlikely for the government to allow a shoot in the LRT. I doubt it, really. But I really have to pursue. No harm writing this lovely series of stories. And so the first step is (I’ve actually written an outline and short description of the plot and characters for every station and how they’ll all be interacting directly or indirectly). Back when I was writing Ramil’s part in the story, I was doing what I referred to as “method writing” (much like method acting). When Ramil will drink coke, I would drink coke. When he’d smoke a cigarette, I would too. I want to know exactly how my character feels. And so for a recon of sorts, I want some sort of immersion and really be there in the stations and take photos and walk around every station and get the vibe and just really immerse; be part of the reality my story will be based on.

I forgot I took these in United Nations or Central station

Good thing we were randomly invited to this drinking Olympics thing in Taft. I really do love that place. I remember I’d ditch class before to go visit Taft instead. Oh, the lovely college girls who are all so eager to learn and be lectured hehehe. I actually really do miss school. As much as I hated contemporary schooling, the perks of being subsidized by parents is such great concept (and I am very grateful, of course). Taft just reminded me so much of my script.

Drinking Olympics in “The Beach” and Marco’s house after for a mustache party 

Along with that gratefulness is this undying guilt of being such a burden to my mother nowadays. I see it in her that she’s really disappointed and affected  by my “unemployment” and to her, it seems, all I do is waste time. This is, of course, what pushed me to start looking for work. Yes, my life is now available on the market. Yes, I am selling my life on a monthly installment plan. Yes, for the right price (even so desperately for any price), you can have my weekdays. Don’t forget to follow @WorkingHarry to be updated on this attempt of mine to lower the unemployment rate of our country.

My biggest concern has always been how I won’t be able to focus on the things I’m passionate about such as writing that story I’ve been yapping about above. That’s why I’ve always chosen to be “self-employed” or somehow venture into entrepreneurship because I really need my own time but then I realized it’s much harder than I thought. Even my blogging earnings aren’t enough to sustain my lifestyle choices. And so I must find work that have to be related to these things I love: writing, photography, music production, filmmaking, or whatever it is that will give me a lot of free time. Sadly, I’m slowly realizing it’s really such a struggle to find work that you can actually say you enjoy or love to do.


And so I recently wrote about Tower Session videos and so I got a chance to check out some of the stuff of our local artists and I found this music video of Sponge Cola that I actually really like. Just as I talked about in the Tower Sessions article, coloring can make something just the right kind of 24p. I love it when digital is seemingly “film-like” (although purists will of course argue that it’s still very far).

I do love the colors. And I do love the depth of the story of the characters. This is what I mean about how each of my characters will have this kind of depth. It is quite heavy. I also love the fact that, like the TV series Awake, the colors change from cool to warm. I love the contrast of wearing suits in such a provincial-looking place. It really does remind me of The Observers or Adjustment Bureau people that I talked about above.

I’d really love a new camcorder. But you know what they say, if the only tool you have is a hammer then treat every thing as if it is a nail. Who’s game to go on that photo trip with me on the LRT line? Might be fun :)

Thank you for taking time in reading my blog. I really appreciate it. :)


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