Gunpowder Treason and Plot

If there ain’t whiskey then the wine would do. Who was it that said that, I wonder. Or maybe it’d just been me all along.  Almost every household always has wine. It’d be rare for wine to fail you. It’s always there. It’s convenient. And it almost does the job.

I once tried researching about the proper etiquette in approaching wine. Let it breathe. Swirl. Inhale and comprehend the complexity. Savor.

And of course my favorite part — get drunk. Slowly lose yourself in the slow-motion descent of the wine’s chill buzz. Or even better: dare yourself and go beyond it.

Hemingway said something about writers and why they love to drink. I forgot what it is exactly. He’s usually the one with that witty and brilliant play with words.

I had that one prof who was sharing this story about Marx who had to sell his pants in order to publish some of his books. Entirely apocryphal, I’m sure. But it represents the struggle of writers.

I used to be very fond of Marxism. There’s this small selection of socialist readings in my college library. HX was the code/name of the shelf, if I remember correctly. There were books like Essential Marx, Socialism in Africa, and surprisingly only one from the founding father himself which is of course The Manifesto. I would read there from time to time during long breaks. If not, I would go drink.

(Walter Block did explain that as a young person, it is only proper, being brought up with values, to be compassionate, to help, to change things. I’ve completely changed since then, you know that. I am no longer attracted to the “radical” and hip and trendy philosophy of the left. I am a libertarian now. The classical liberal kind. Individual liberty and economic freedom = peace, prosperity, and a free society.)

I downloaded this game I used to play when I was a kid called Seven Kingdoms. It’s a game based entirely on foreign affairs, on the relationships of different states. Diplomacy, trade, economics. It’s pretty good. Maybe I should write about it soon.

Be sure to check out HarryLeaks if you think you’re interested in learning more.

Top 10 Covers on YouTube

China wouldn’t be so bad. What a lovely opportunity it would be to be with the top and best in the field of promoting libertarianism; a place where all I have to worry about debating would be 5% of the issues. And we could agree on everything else. It’d be a nice break from the establishment, from the status quo of statism, and generally a wonderful chance to fly.


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