Feeling DJ

I decided to use Virtual DJ and mess around with some of the songs I had. I actually used to use Traktor but then the newest version seems to be really requiring external hardware. I would have used Ableton Live and made my life so much easier only I really wanted to have that DJ feel so I ended up using Virtual DJ.

1. Madeon – Icarus
2. Ziggy Stardust – Cosmic
3. Coldplay – The Scientist (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Remix Edit)
4. Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii (Re-Lectro Mix)
5. Michael Woods – Full Access
6. Avicci – Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough is Enough) (Pixel Cheese ‘Hypemachine’ Mix)
7. Jonatan F – Alegria (Thomas Petersen Radio Edit)

It’s really so sloppy. Aside from the fact that I don’t have external hardware with knobs and sliders that would make my life so much easier,  I don’t even have a mouse. I used this trackpad thing on the laptop. Also, I’m not using my Macbook Pro and with all honesty there really is a big difference when it comes to latency when producing/mixing music, in my opinion.

Virtual DJ Interface

The one thing that made my life easier is the Micro II DAC that my friend gave me. I could route the master output to my speakers and the preview of the next deck to unfortunately my CD-R king headphones haha. It’s really such an addictive experience. When I’m not doing much (which is most of the time), this is usually what I do. I actually wanted to add so much more songs that I love to this first mix but then my internet isn’t what it used to be. So right now I’m downloading a lot of music. I really want to make a chill beach house mix and also a chill dubstep mix (although it seems tricky to learn mixing dubstep so hopefully I get the hang of it).

Maybe soon I could video myself or create more mixes and make some sort of podcast. Maybe even buy external hardware. Not really typical turn table mixer you see DJs use. I’d prefer some sort of MIDI controller so I can also use it with my music production and not just with mixing or “DJ-ing”. This is all just for here in my house by the way. Thus my pathetic pun of musikang pangbahay (house music).

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