New Blog Designs

It’s all about packaging. That’s a marketing fact. You can have the most worthless commodity, package it well, and you’ll sell. It’s all about a great first impression. It’s all about the sad truth that many will still judge a book by its cover.

I decided to mess around with the design of my blog about libertarian political philosophy HarryLeaks:


I really want this to be very attractive to my readers and to potential people I’ll be able to convince to side with me on limiting the powers and spending of the state. I put a Philippine flag, that’s always a good thing. I put three main selling points: economic freedom, individual liberty and free society (which are of course the gist of what I believe would make the world more peaceful and prosperous). Plus, a moving quote that I feel represents who I am and the content of my blog.

beatin the search engine

Tweaked Beating the Search Engine a bit as well. For both blogs, I lessened the prominence of ads. Since I don’t earn as much from these blogs anyways plus there’s The Social Network stigma of “ads aren’t cool”. People don’t like it, I’ve noticed, when you are very direct about doing something for the sake of profit.

I also made the texts of both blogs bigger than before. I noticed that blogs like Thought Catalog or Cracked have large texts and I was thinking it could be some sort of attention span issue (aside of course from some of their content that’s actually good).

I’m also going to be focusing more on content, like really be in the zone, really develop the writer inside me to be effective and innovative .


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