How I Started Making Electronic Music

How did Harry end up making electronic music?

My instrument-playing skills are actually very limited. There is so much music and ideas in my head that I can’t really express because of these limitations. For instance, I can’t pull off insane guitar solos or complex drum rudiments (I don’t even have my own drum set). This is where music creating software can really help broaden my musical creativity. Having a good Digital Audio Workstation (software used to make music), is like having your own orchestra at your fingertips. The possibilities are truly limitless.

adobe audition

Many years ago, my first real encounter with computer mediated music production would be with recording using Adobe Audition. The older version that I used was actually very decent. It was full of effects that I could experiment with such as reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, delay, etc. So even if all I had was an acoustic guitar, it really gave me more possibilities with what I can do and helped me understand and learn more about different audio effects. It’s a shame that my first recordings are actually all gone now. My iPod broke and Imeem closed down. Those were the only places that I had put my first recordings.

sony acid pro

Since all I had was an acoustic guitar, I often looked for drum beats that I can jam to or record over. Until eventually I ended up downloading Sony Acid Pro, a loop-based music production software. This was back in high school, during a time when I started expressing interest in house music. But of course, I wasn’t satisfied with just putting together loops that I didn’t create.

FL studio

And so I ended up with FL Studio, which back then was still called “fruity loops” if I remember correctly. This, I believe, was a very powerful software that comes with numerous instruments, synthesizers, effects, and many other things.

Eventually, I ended up with Ableton Live, the one I fell in love with. The time-warp function just opened a lot of possibilities for me most especially with remixing and manipulating audio. Even when I came across seemingly more powerful software such as Cubase 4 or Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live remained to be closest to my heart. The ease of use is what I love with it. I just really enjoy the interface. It makes music creation very natural. It is called “Live” because it is as if you can make music in real-time and this adds a sense of performance to it. One of my first creations with it would be my remix of Born Slippy by Underworld, which really got a lot of good feedback.

Most of the music I’ve made that you can find in the music section of this portfolio or my soundcloud are made using Ableton Live.  Of course, by now I’ve collected a lot of decent VST instruments and other plug-ins, but still I am loyal to the old packs that came with Ableton Live 6, the first version I used.

Imagine, when I started I was just recording stuff from my crappy acoustic guitar and now I have evolved to someone who makes his own electronic music. I have delved into the worlds of IDM, dubstep, drum and bass, triphop, breakbeat, downtempo, trance, house, and even made a handful of enjoyable remixes.

I haven’t really updated this portfolio and many of my recent works can be found in my Facebook account. Feel free to connect with me there if you want but of course eventually I will be uploading them here as well.

I figured I should stop blogging here about how I dislike work and start blogging about my skills and how I have acquired them. It is a creative portfolio after all. So expect more skill-oriented and less personal blog entries here. I hope you learned a thing or two and that I have encouraged you to try out some of the softwares here.

The thirst for making music can never be quenched. Society will force to recruit you into their monotonous routines and methods of “education” and yet deep inside you will always hear that beat that never dies. The whole world is your instrument. Make your own kind of music.


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  1. You still owe me a beat! Too epic works, Harry! :)

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