Blogging Spree on Christmas Eve

I have come bearing gifts. But no not really.

Nikon Film Camera
My beloved film camera has been in a coma for a while now and I don’t really have the funds for her cure. I’ve just been craving film. Digital is starting to make me want to puke. I just miss the grain and the organic colors and the full frame and the overall experience.

If you don’t know, I actually didn’t buy my film camera. I did not choose her; it is the camera that chose me. Sort of like Harry Potter’s wand.

I’ve also been listening to some old 311, the transistor album. It is surely their trippiest album. The song “transistor” and “color” used be my ring tone before (random trivia).

Here’s a bunch of talking cats. It’s funny.

Oh and check it out! I’m at 80 dollars already with my blogging earnings:

google adsense earnings

I know it’s taking so long and it’s not that much. But hey, it’s free money from doing what I love to do. So if you want to earn by just writing from home be sure to check out some of my tutorials:

Merry Christmas! :D

(oh and check out my newest blog)


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