Bad Dream

I had a really bothering dream last night. I don’t think I should just shrug it off. It is true that we are asleep around a third or more of our lives. There is surely something about that.

The concept and effects of a good dream vs a bad dream is staggering. A good dream can leave you desiring for more sleep, as if it is better to just stay in the dream than face reality whereas a bad dream can be very emotionally disturbing for I believe it reminds us of our worst fears. And I’d rather forget, really, keep it repressed than face it. But it doesn’t matter really. As others would say it: it is just a dream. I shouldn’t really dwell too much on it.

“Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth” –Jean-Paul Sartre

I have somehow come to the assumption that the consciousness is not as physical as materialists would argue and that even as a function of the brain it is one that transcends bodily limitations. I have always been interested in string theory in physics and how many things that science advocates to be true may all be changed. I am lucky to have been introduced to the concept of “paradigm shift” of Thomas Kuhn. Plus, I’m actually quite influenced by the epistemological anarchism of Paul Fayerabend. You know, nothing is absolute. Everything must be questioned.

I guess the point of all that would be to justify that my bad dream was at least relevant; that I am affected by it because it means something. As skeptical as I am about this seemingly absurd wild-goose chase, I must not disregard it as false just because it leans toward the mystical.

It’s not even lunch time and I’m writing this already. I’ve actually been awake since around 9am. Quite unusual for me. It shows how much this dream really bothered me.


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  1. addybee says:

    Aw… sweetie. *hugs you*

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