Uneventful Update

What’s been up with Harry?

Woke up at around 2 today after having quite a vivid weird dream. I’m thinking that reading before I sleep makes me have interesting dreams. I’ve really ran out of movies or TV shows to download and so I decided to download an e-book of Dan Brown’s The Last Symbol (this was also after my cousin suggested that I read it). I think I really like the idea of e-books. I am even thinking of maybe having an Amazon Kindle but I do still have a lot of questions about its use and functions.

I’ve written about both freemasonry and multidimensional string theories before. These are the two topics that Robert Langdon is facing in The Lost Symbol. I am actually very eager to know what happens. I am, as expected, really hooked on it.

I really don’t understand why people are still surprised when they hear about my sleep pattern. I usually prefer to sleep during the day. I feel that my sleep is more satisfying during that time. Plus, I do seem to have more energy at night when it is not so bright and it is cold. My eyes seem to have been very sensitive to sunlight. I do have this theory that the UV rays of the sun drain me of my energy.

And so during uneventful days, most especially during days when I have no mandatory responsibilities, I choose to sleep all day and be awake all night. This is all so seemingly unproductive and contrasts with society’s expectations and routines. But hey, to each his own, yeah?

My Google Adsense earnings are now at $41.63. It’s actually quite fast considering that I haven’t written on Hubpages in so long. Many times I would wish it was faster; that life would be less complex if it was. But I have long been a believer in making sure that things feel natural and that I do not get pressured into rushing plans. For the same reason that I dubbed them light bulbs would be the same reason I am not afraid of their failure. I did not choose to stop writing rather it is more of I can’t and I wouldn’t want to force it out. I fear that if I do it will only lead to its own destruction. Allow me to explain further:

As you can see, there is seemingly an anomaly in the chart when I all of a suddent got 3000 hits in just one day and in a span of around 5 days probably around 10,000. This is the kind of results that my feel for the natural way of writing can produce. I could write more and get more and more views but in the long run these unnatural articles will just be a weight to my other successful and ranking blog posts. Hubpages says I now have over 35,000 views in 3 months. It could be greater, but as I have said it is just not the right time.

You see, the idea is to never work, to never be alienated, to have ownership of what you produce, but the question is how. This is something that I have been contemplating on for a long time. Perhaps even for years I’ve always trusted myself to eventually have an answer. And I do have answers, many of them. Lightbulbs, I so conceitedly call them.

Those who are close to me would know that I am either totally creative or absolutely destructive. But you see, the more destructive I become, the more creative I become and vice versa. This isn’t entirely something that is a good thing. It is a gift, indeed, but a bothersome one for that matter. Although in the long run, I find that it will be very beneficial.

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