On Washing the Dishes

I hate washing the dishes. If I could avoid it then I would. But this does not mean that I want things to be a mess. You see, I like the outcome, I would love for things to be neat and organized, but I hate the process of getting there.

washing dishes

This morning, at around 2am, I decided to wash the dishes. I’ve really been more awake at night than during the day. I’ve actually always have been more of a night person than a day person. It would have something to do with UV rays and the brightness, I think, that drains my energy. And when everyone is asleep, I am the only one who cooks, eats, and inevitably leaves used dishes on the sink.

I have written about how doing chores can be unproductive before. There’s just so much more things to do. The thing is, with my kind of personality, being lazy is not really synonymous with being unproductive. Sometimes I would just be lying around and seemingly resting but actually I am thinking, creating, contemplating new things, analyzing. Almost every output in this portfolio, the videos, the written work: these things were made out of boredom and “laziness”.

The time I spend doing chores could have been used in making new videos, writing, learning new skills, watching tutorials, and in turn becoming more powerful. You see, laziness is a part of my creative process.

In an argument, I suggested to my father that we purchase some sort of dishwasher device for our kitchen. He said it would only teach me to be lazy and increase our electric consumption. But that was my point, really, that I need this time of laziness. And entirely, instead of teaching me to be lazy, the dishwasher actually motivates me to earn for myself. It has now become a life goal—that one day I will have my own dishwasher and never have to go through the hassle of washing dishes. The idea of avoiding chores is my incentive, for me and for my loved ones, that I will have a future where I will not have to worry about washing dishes.


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One Comment Add yours

  1. addybee says:

    But sweetie, you’re lazy to finish your creative works sometimes also. Not just chores. Hahaha, loved the post, btw! I totally agree that we need the boredom phase to be creative. :)

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