Brainchild Earth: Introduction to Reality

Of course, apes accidentally ingested DMT, which lead to the eventual evolution of human consciousness. It is no longer a surprise that DMT can be found in the brain and spine, the two key components of human anatomy. And yes, Tryptamines hold the answer — it is the missing link!

So far we have access to inner space we cannot explain. Dreams, imagination, thought process, all of which are beyond the physical world. Non-physical worlds existing in dimensions we only recognize in most types of string theory. And most physicists would say that the connection between String theory and Quantum mechanics would finally conjure a Unified Field Theory. People of 3-D land, you are at the brink of scientific breakthrough!

The space astronaut theory “Anunnaki” could be very related to McKenna’s Machine Elves who create our reality. They altered and greatly influenced the development of our genes. And all those other entities, our ancestors left us reminders, what else would those weird cave paintings mean? This is why there are too many things left unexplained, too many mysteries we cannot solve. Our mode of thinking is wrong from the very beginning. Think multi-dimensional!

What if all mythologies really happened and they all just existed elsewhere? A multi-verse string theory could confirm this or prove its possibility. What if Temporary Dimensional Migration, Time Manipulation, and Life Extension Programs could all be made possible through further contact with the external autonomous entities and inter-dimensional travel? This could mark the beginning of the transhumanism revolution.



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