Graphika Manila 2010

It’s really so hard to blog about that day. So instead of blogging about what happened, I will just use some sort of word association or mind mapping. And I’m gonna have to start with one word that I think best describes that day: Inspiration.

Inspiration. Knowledge. Wisdom. Art. Real learning vs Rote Learning. Against Conventions. Methodologies. Ideologies. Storytelling. Freedom vs Oppression. Money. Time. Bills. Equipment. Artistry.

the speakers who were there:

Wala pang myx wala pang mtv.
Phunk Studio guys
pikit mata kong iaalay ang buwan at araw pati pa sapatos kong suot
dito pa tayo nagkita sa FX
Ito si shinji, tunay siyang tao. at tunay din siyang helicopter pilot. intense revelation.

More Photos Click Here

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. addybee says:

    Intense night! I’m excited for another go! :)

    1. let’s go! absorb lang ng absorb! :D

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