On Watching Inception (warning for possible spoilers)

When telling people I haven’t seen it they would tell me that I, of all people, should really see it. And they were right. I loved Inception. Almost every millisecond of it. This is the kind of movie where instead of making a review you end up making a philosophical interpretation. And for me, that’s a quality of a great movie.

The concepts portrayed in Inception are mostly not new really. I am reminded of the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi and his butterfly dream. He dreamt he was a butterfly but later questioned this and asked himself if it was really him dreaming he was a butterfly or if he was a butterfly dreaming that he was a human being.

Watching it was breathtaking. I have been so sleepless and sickly all week and was so tired from drinking the night before but the movie was enough to wake me up. It was as if the movie acted as a stimulant or an adrenaline rush trigger. It was mind-altering. Really, it was almost a drug.

Me and my girlfriend realized that we’ve been together for so long but this was only the second time we watched a movie together in the cinemas being that we are such pirates who love to utilize our internet bandwidth. But people are right when they say that this is the type of movie that you watch in the cinemas and not at home.

I am really trying to avoid, as much as I can, to start a lengthy and never-ending discussion on ontology and cognition—two concepts that this movie tackled. Where do we draw the line in questioning reality? We see in the film that it can really make a person go crazy. And I was even thinking that showing this film to mentally unstable people might be dangerous.

All in all I would say that it was a really good move with a solid storyline. Those who say they don’t like it are either being highly pessimistic or they are faking it. It is even possible that they are just stupid and didn’t understand it.

So here’s my recommendation to those who have not seen it: Watch it. Love it. Don’t commit suicide.

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