What is Project Lightbulb?

Thomas Edison supposedly tried a thousand times before being able to create a perfectly working light bulb. The first ones he made would just spark or work for a few minutes then eventually die out. He recorded each instance and said that he didn’t fail at making one—he just discovered ways how not to make a light bulb.

Last night we watched an interview of Lav Diaz wherein he talked about our history and culture and how time was never part of our consciousness. He said that we were more in tune with nature and space and it was the colonists who introduced the concept of time into our consciousness. And I guess remnants of this kind of concept are still present in how we perceive the world. In our pre-hispanic tribal societies, there was no routine of waking up and going to work and devoting your life for the profit of others. Some people say that Project Lightbulb might be the solution to this.

Solvay Conference of 1927

This is because Project Lightbulb started out as an experimentation with electrons and photons and how they can affect they way we perceive space and time. Some say Project Lightbulb was commissioned in highest secrecy during the Fifth Solvay Conference in 1927. Seventeen of the twenty-nine attendees were Noble Prize winners including Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrödinger, and many others.

This project had been kept from public knowledge and many of those involved in Project Lightbulb have penetrated and hold key positions in many of today’s influential political organizations such as the United Nations Security Council, the CIA, and even The Vatican. This is all to protect the secrecy of Project Lightbulb for it may fall into the wrong hands.

Today, it is rumored that the project has been handed down to three young men from the Philippines. Although there are many rumors, their identity remains to be unknown. Reliable sources say that one of their experiments will be released to the public soon. Hmm, it really does sound very intriguing. We should all really wait for it and keep ourselves posted. Whoever they may be, whatever they might be up to will surely change the way we see our world.


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