On Cinemalaya 2010

Got a chance to check out some of the films from the recent Cinemalaya film festival. It was really so much fun because my girlfriend was able to get me and some of my friends free passes to any movie we want!

harbor square cultural center of the philippines

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) is always a trippy place to hangout in. There are so many art galleries and other interesting stuff. Also just outside, there are a lot of restaurants and places to drink.

I ate in this cafeteria place that is in the side entrance of CCP. Their food is pretty good and the place is also quite vintage and quaint plus it’s really cheap too. While eating there, I saw Mike Sandejas and was able to chat with him for a while. I can’t believe I missed his film Dinig Sana Kita. He was explaining to me how it had some sort of dual or multiple-perspective kind of story. He told me to add the group in Facebook to see when and where it will be shown again.

This is actually only my third time to go to Cinemalaya. There was one time when I watched in the UP Film Institute, if I remember correctly. And I think that they will be showing some films again there soon so I might go. I was looking forward to seeing the short films but unfortunately I didn’t get to.

Next year I’m really planning to clear up my schedule and get a festival pass and really support our local independent film-makers.

Click this map to see exactly where Harry was during this post

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