On North Korea and of course special mention: Happy Birthday Adrienne Nicole Bernal!

Last weekend I was able to watch a very thought-provoking documentary with my girlfriend entitled “Welcome to North Korea“. It’s really an eye-opener and I’ve been recommending it to everyone. I’m actually going to burn it for one of my professors.

Harry Santos and Adrienne Nicole Bernal

Being that I try to advocate the principles of libertarianism as much as I can, I would consider myself to be a non-interventionist, meaning I oppose the use of force in policing of the world or meddling with issues and affairs of other sovereign nations. But after seeing documentaries such as Welcome to North Korea, I seem to understand why some people may consider this kind of advocacy as isolationistic. The individuals in North Korea are stripped of almost every single inalienable liberty and freedom. From a young age they are already conditioned with false propaganda; everyone lives in fear while their leaders and bureaucrats are living luxurious lives. I felt somewhat the same when I watched Hotel Rwanda. Thousands are being killed and yet the world couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything.

And these anti-isolationist sentiments are what American neo-conservatives are using to justify their wars. They say that they are teaching other nations to have democracy but entirely we see how it eventually leads to imperialism. So the question here is this: is it the responsibility of Americans to fight for the freedom of nations such as North Korea? If not, do we just ignore the atrocities (thus leading to isolationism)? But if they do intervene will it not be just like Vietnam or Iraq?

I think this kind of dilemma creates that divide between Consequentialist Libertarianism and Deontological Libertarianism. The former believing that it is okay to use force in order to maximize liberty while the latter believing otherwise.

So really I’m just stuck in between and I don’t know what to believe. The documentary made me rethink my assumptions. I’m just really so thankful that our capitalist system allows me to have this laptop in front of me as something I could call my own.

Click the map to see exactly where Harry was during this post

Map Laguna Technopark San Jose Village

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