Isaw for the Soul: Harry’s Analysis of Street Food in the Philippines

I’ve eaten a lot of street food in my life. I could say that it is really something I am really fond of. And throughout the years I have realized that it is not really the way they cook it or what ingredients they use—the secret of street food is in the sauce.

Street Food in the Philippines

I always come back to a memory of when I was a still a little kid and I ate fishballs in a hobby shop near a church in BF that had what I considered to be the best fishball sauce in the known Universe. Up to today, everytime I eat fishballs or any other street food, I would still compare it to that taste that is carved in my memory.

About a few years ago, I was in Los Baños and I thought that I had already found the sauce that is comparable to it. It was really good and it really complemented the crunchiness of the fishball. I felt that it surrounded the fishball keeping all the flavors inside and creating this sort of balance and harmony that will flourish in your mouth. But was it as good as the one in BF? The answer is no. And this was when I realized that it was more than just the fishball sauce—it was a moment in time that I could never take back.

I was walking home from work yesterday and saw an isaw (grilled chicken or pork intenstine) vendor in the corner of Buendia and SLEX. I tried out their pork isaw and I loved it. It was different from all the pork isaw I’ve tried in my life. It was really flavorful; crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. And the sauce was amazing. I recommend it to everyone. I will surely keep on coming back for more. That is really what inspired me to write this. The isaw there not only satisfies you—it also makes you think!

If you try eating fishball or isaw at home you will realize that it is not as good. Being on the streets is really a part of the experience. Not only do you take in the authentic flavors and exotic tastes, you also take in culture.

Always be adventurous when it comes to food! It will be worth it!

Click the map to see exactly where Harry was during this post

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