On Tommy being back from Spain, New Softwares, and Contemporary Schooling

It’s always nice to hear stories of how open other countries are when it comes to certain policies that pertain to liberties and individual freedom. It’s just a plant after all. Our intolerance here at home is just so backward.

Tommy Halili Dick Malit Guada Cruz

I haven’t seen my friend Tommy in a while so we decided to have some rum along with Guada and Dic. He brings stories of libertarian policies, traumatizing hostel experiences, and hand-rolled cigarettes and filters. Dic showed us some of his animation work too. We finished a small bottle of rum and some bottles of wine. I also gave them a copy of the film Triangle to mess with their brains a little.

I just finished installing Adobe Flash CS5 last night. Back in high school we already took up Flash but even before that I’ve already been experimenting with it because of Newgrounds.com. A lot has changed in the interface since it shifted from Macromedia so I might need to adjust a little and learn more about the new environment.

Dic gave me a copy of 3ds Max a while back. It’s pretty complex and confusing at first, but maybe only because I’ve been used to the Blender environment. I’m working on this animation project right now that’s why it’s really important for me to maximize my knowledge about the different softwares I could use.

I’m also about to learn PHP. My current line of work has been showing me the significance of web design to my endeavors and interests and I realized that it is a relevant skill I am lacking. I already have video tutorials at home that I will be focusing on very soon.

All this will be self-schooling. I would say that a great deal of my knowledge in softwares were self-taught especially with video editing and music production.

Schooling methods here usually offer a lot of generic and irrelevant knowledge that will not be used in life and just be forgotten. They will teach you solutions to right triangles, Avogadro’s number, badminton, standard deviation for grouped data, electron configuration and so on ad nauseam. Yup, we paid over a hundred grand a year for those things.

I actually admire certificate courses more than college degrees. Certificate courses are very specific and relevant. An example is how you can learn to be a competent chef without having to learn PE or Trigonometry. And they would argue that we deal with these things indirectly in our everyday lives; that we have to learn physics because we experience physics everyday. Well, I deal with toilets too everyday, does that mean I should learn plumbing in school?

As of now, I don’t see much will change with schooling methods and their curriculum. The only real solution I see would be increasing one’s willingness to learn. Having a decent internet connection and hunger for new knowledge is better than purchasing the overpriced and irrelevant education of our society.

Click the map to see exactly where Harry was during this post

Tierra Nueva Village Map

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