On Last Night and Watching TV

Bureau Club Makati Harry Santos Mike Mabanta Anna Zavalla

Drank some Tequilla at Mike’s house then decided to go to Bureau afterwards. I’m not really so into the whole clubbing and dancing and not to mention the overpriced alcohol but I still had fun. They played a lot of MGMT remixes that I really enjoyed but what surprised me was when they played a club mix of Killing in the Name of by Rage Against the Machine. It’s quite nice to see how music is evolving. Maybe I should go out more or something to really be able to tap into the pulse of people’s consciousness when it comes to dance music.

I watched CNN when I woke up and saw Ron Paul being interviewed about the whole Gulf Oil Spill thing. They also talked about his son Rand Paul who is running for senate in Kentucky and was endorsed by Sarah Palin. Good PR move for the social conservatives. It’s interesting how these tea party movements are really getting popular and how Sarah Palin and the others who would never talk about liberties and small government are now tapping into this message of freedom popularized by Ron Paul and other libertarians.

I also watched Earth’s Frontiers still in CNN after that interview. They showed the different developments in Biomimicry. It is basically incorporating nature with design. Feats of engineering and architecture should really be inspired by the natural design in our environment. I actually want to somehow incorporate nature in my work. Maybe record the ambiance of the environment and use it in my music (which I’ve actually done a few times). The show tackled some really interesting stuff. There was even this story of how a guy with spine injury can be helped by observing eels and their spines. The story was pretty scary cause the guy became paralyzed leg down just because he slipped in the shower. Shows how fragile and delicate life is. It reminds me to be more careful with things. I really hate human frailty. We really need to focus on technology that will protect our lives and our home planet.

Click the map to see exactly where Harry was during this post

Bureau Club Makati Map


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