The Collective in Malugay

Collective Malugay Makati

Photo and editing by Adrienne Nicole Bernal

Spontaneity brought us to Malugay in Makati, a very trippy place full of interesting shops, restaurants, and even art galleries. We were supposed to eat ramen but the place was closed so we ended up eating in Pasta box. The owner was so nice to us and the food was really good. Pasta is at around 130 pesos. You should definitely try it out or check out their website Good service and nice people always earn a link and free marketing here in my blog.

The place is full of colorful graffiti. It was a place I would consider to be design-intensive, which is a really good thing. Reminded me of when I went to Singapore and how they really tried to incorporate as much art as they can with their infrastructures. I think that is one problem I had with Bayani Fernando and his MMDA. His department did a lot of work for Metro Manila but never considered incorporating creative design with any of his work. He just decided to color it all pink and put squares and circles on walls and call it MMDA art.  It’s horrendous, really. I mean, Metro Manila is like the capital and should really be presentable to tourists. More than engineers, infrastructures also need artists.

Click the map to see exactly where Harry was during this post


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  1. PastaBox says:

    Thanks so much for your kudos. =) Please stop by again. We’ll give you a Free Pasta treat for your awesomeness. =)

    much love and pasta,
    Pasta Box

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