On Documenting My Weekend

After a long week of doing nothing but work I expected Saturday night to be a night of leisure and fun.

Accompanied my friend Mike in a 10k Rock and Run event held in Fort Bonifacio. Hung out in the Manila Polo Club for a while. Ate dinner at McDonald’s. Had a few drinks at Bugsy’s somewhere in Salcedo. Went to Izakaya in Greenbelt for our friend Nanerz’s graduation party thing. After that we went to Nuvo for a free bottle of tequilla and other drinks care of Mike’s cousin Ate Karess. Then went Ministop for a bit of food and some beer. Then went to Berta’s house. Then went home right after almost getting caught by the cops for doing an illegal U-turn.

I tried out this water therapy sort of thing that night. Drinking water in between drinks can really help avoid a stressful hangover the next day.

I figured it’s time I document these kinds of things because I end up forgetting about them most of the time.

Click here to see exactly Harry wa during this post


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