Be Ready to Throw Away All the Canned Tuna in Your House

Canned tuna is nothing compared to the taste of grilled fresh tuna.

It is more than just a meal. No, to call it a meal would be an understatement. It is an experience. It is a manifestation of pleasant taste. It is a reaffirmation for my love for sea food.

In that moment, I forgot about cream dory or oysters or even, yes, salmon. No, unexpected as it may be, I loved this more than salmon. I mean, I know I will still love the taste of salmon more the next time I eat it but that is not the point. The point is that this grilled tuna made me forget about everything else.

My girlfriend and I are lucky to have discovered this place. For around 150 pesos (roughly around 3 dollars), we were both full way beyond our capacity. But the satisfaction went beyond the physical. We were more than content with what was served to us. As consumers, we felt that our purchasing power was really maximized. We were provided good service and high quality food for an affordable price.

I remember in a documentary about Ludwig Von Mises they said that there is something very democratic about free enterprise. Through money, consumers are given a chance to vote for those products that are meeting the demands of the marketplace. In my country, I can’t really say that we have true free enterprise or a free market. There are many business regulations and unnecessary taxes added to the price of products. But the bottom line is that in spite of all that, we still enjoyed our grilled tuna. Now that is what you call a truly satisfying tuna.


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