Where to find Gotong Batangas or Gotong Lipa

Looking for a Gotong batangas recipe? You should really try out Gotong Batangas or Gotong Lipa. At the very edge of Tagaytay Philippines, right before the entrance arch to Nasugbu (the famous gateway to Batangas Beaches), you will find gotohan stores that sell the traditional goto and the gotong lipa for around 40 pesos. Just add 8 pesos for extra tokwa or hard boiled egg. Ang Sarap talaga at mura pa!

goto recipe batangas lipa

Me and my friends were hanging out and drinking el matador and the spirit of the red horse last night and decided to go get some of that delectable goto. It was around 30 minutes drive but it was surely worth it.

spirit of the red horse

The difference of gotong Batangas with the traditional goto is that it does not contain rice. It is like papaitan, another Filipino cuisine dish. It is composed of some sort of soup with beef innards. Of all the list of Filipino food recipes, this one is surely memorable. It is very cheap although very high in cholesterol. Having too much of it might make you feel dizzy. I know I did!

I have been working on my OJT. It is all I have been doing. Wake up, go to work, sleep, and over again. It is nice to have these moments that are outside of the routine. I love trying out food that I haven’t tried. I am really adventurous like that.

Thank you for passing by my blog. Will be posting about more encounters with new exeriences and crazy misadventures.

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  1. warlocknation says:

    hi, I would recommend Greenview Restaurant for a great Gotong Batangas experience. it’s after the Tagaytay fruit arch but a little before you reach the Lemery-Nasugbu fork. pair the Goto with Greenview’s tokwa’t baboy, naku, the best! :)

    1. That recommendation really makes me excited! I will surely try it out if ever I am in that area again. I think I have seen that restaurant a couple of times when I pass in there. Thank you for this recommendation and thanks for dropping by. :)

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