Secrets of the Freemasons

I was with some friends roaming around different towns in the province of Laguna. I gradually discovered that it truly is a place full of hidden treasures and underrated attractions. Unforeseen events made us change our itinerary along the way. Little did I know that this trip would be a chance for me to unravel one of the greatest cover-ups in history.

It all started out as a joke, really. How I interpreted a symbol on the church street sign in Mabitac to be similar to that of a compass, or a blade as Robert Langdon would have put it. Quite a resemblance to many different symbols in freemasonry. As we stood taking pictures of a monument/mural depicting the revolution, I realized that the joke might not be as ridiculous as it sounds. After all, most of our heroes were involved in freemasonry including Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo, and many others. And this isn’t just some conspiracy theory, it is confirmed in the website of Freemasons of the Philippines. Many of the prominent figures in our history were a part of this group and this wasn’t just during the Spanish period, even Gen. McArthur was a Freemason. (

Still, I continued to ignore my thoughts, knowing that I might be connecting things that have no connections. We continued our journey and drove towards the town of Paete. As we were driving in the country side with the view of the lake on my right and big farming lands all around, we all of a sudden passed by a lodge of the freemasons! I asked my friend to turn back so I could take a picture.

There it was, in the middle of acres of farms. When I saw this I knew I was on to something. What is it doing in this place? I kept on asking myself.

As we passed different churches, including the one in Paete, I ignored most of the symbols and signs in their architecture thinking that I was just probably misinterpreting them, being biased that I now think there actually is a conspiracy. But then when we went to the St. Gregory church in Majayjay, my theories were strengthened even more.

On the very top of the altar was the all-seeing eye, and at the bottom was an inverted triangle or a symbol for the chalice. Also, above the tabernacle is another all-seeing eye.

This church has been burnt and destroyed many times, specifically during times of war. Something in it was obviously being protected or being kept from hands of evil or something. A map of some sort, perhaps, or maybe clues. I mean, what makes a church so significant that it continuously becomes a target during wars? It’s not. It was destroyed by its protectors, to protect their secret, and afterwards it is rebuilt and its original architecture and design is preserved.

What is it that they’re protecting? The bewilderment was driving me mad. But then as I pondered, I looked towards the sky and there it was, an answer. All these churches we went to had one thing in common. It was surrounding a place, a place that is considered to be sacred by its local residents — Mt. Banahaw. The word Banahaw literally translates to Holy Being. The mountain is full of shrines and different springs that are said to have healing properties. So why does this mountain have such healing properties? Perhaps it is because of a powerful artifact of some sort that is hidden somewhere beneath this mountain? Whatever it is, the bottom line is that this place is truly full of secrets. And now it is the sworn duty of the Freemasons, as it is passed to them by our ancestors, to protect these secrets.

I have reason to believe that the next clue is in the underground cemetery in Nagcarlan! let’s go!


© 2009


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