Republic of the Future

According to Plato, the upper classes(governors, soldiers, and craftsmen) will not be able to function properly without the slaves. And I have to agree, imagine if a craftsman had to do so much other chores that the slaves were supposed to do then he’d have less time in crafting whatever he has to craft.

Here are his social class criterion for his ideal State: The governors(who are all philosophers), The Soldiers, The Craftsmen, and the Slaves. Nowadays, we would probably assume that slavery is not morally justified. Although a flaw in this kind of thinking is that we assume that the Slaves will be humans; a paradigm present in Plato’s time and apparently in ours too.

GIR is Zim’s robot slave

The possibility of artificial intelligence replacing human workers is no longer far from reality. I mean, surgeons’ hands are already being slowly replaced by machines that are more accurate and efficient.

Imagine if robots could do all our work for us from simple chores and errands to mind-bending tasks of looking for missing remote controls or slippers — we’d have more time to do whatever we want to do which in turn makes us more efficient.

Unwanted responsibility is the source of all suffering and inefficiency — in such a way that a great deal of our alienation roots from these social obligations. And so if robots can do our work for us then there would be no more alienation. Problem solved.

We need robot slaves!


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