On Regulations in Public Transportation

Competition brings down price and increases quality.

Based on this premise, I do not support having a TODA or Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association because it creates a monopoly. This is the main reason for the rise of commuting price. If they could allow competing tricycles to freely operate and decide their own prices the quality and worth of commuting would greatly increase.

I think the same goes for Jeepneys and basically all modes of public transportation. Why is there a fixed price? This price fixing is not favorable for the consumer.

Imagine if a group of them would decide to lower price even just a bit, they would definitely have more customers and consumers will always look for them or their group. This will also force their competition (perhaps those who would choose not to lower prices) to provide a better commuting experience for consumers as to compensate the worth for the cost.

I don’t get it why people assume that the more regulation and more authority would entail safety and discipline. All it does is create monopolies and bureaucracy. (duh) haha

Anyway, another thing, why do people associate legalization with regulation? (you know what i’m talking about) Why? We think the solution is to tax it? Everything already has tax and people think that allowing bureaucrats to steal more from us would benefit or increase chances for legalization? It makes no sense to me. i mean, i used to believe this to but now i’ve realized how stupid it is.

Someone pointed out to me that prostitutes in Amsterdam are clean because they’re regulated by the government. They have like licenses and shit. Having a license does not make things safer. All it does is feed bureaucracy. The government should always only be our servant and never our master. Their job is to serve not to dictate. okay?


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