Cover of Cast Away by Franco

We didn’t finish the recording unfortunately. All beats and mixing created using Ableton Live.

I’m really learning a lot about equalization, compression, and panning and how it can improve the mix.


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  1. mike cobaria says:

    hey harry!great to see you’ve been doing great music stuff.i’m into ableton live big time too.ive used it for production and performance.(its a great dj tool as well)

    yeah,learning about compression,panning and eq’s will make your production sound more polished.keep at it man!

    btw, this is mr. cobaria your former music teacher from zobel…

    1. Thanks sir! I remember watching your gig in Fete before! sayang I wasn’t that interested in electronic music back then. Long time no see sir! let’s collaborate or something! paturo na din ng mga stuff! wala akong formal study about this e it’s all self-taught

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