About Me

Man Vs Himself: The Creative Portfolio of Harry Santos

I am an aspiring multimedia artist.
I enjoy writing, photography, music production, and film-making.
I like cultivating unusual ideas and concepts in my head
and from those ideas and concepts I harvest a variety of unique output.

I like tripping out on things
I believe in liberty and individual freedom
I love traveling and experiencing new things
I love technology, gadgets, the internet, and social media

Feel free to leave a message here
contact me at emailniharry@yahoo.com
or connect with me through Facebook or Twitter

23 comments on “About Me

  1. I’ve read some of your right ups on hub pages and blogger about your success online and I’m very impress with your writing skills keep it up dude. I also wanted to try blogging but being a full time administrator and SEO on my various sites is not an easy task since blogging needs a lot of thinking and time which I lack..LOL. Anyways I’ll be following some of your blog if I’m not busy until then pag butihan mo pa ang pagsusulat dahil ang husay mo….:-)

  2. Harry! whats up. Iba ka talaga! Da best ka. gustong gusto ko mga binblog mo. Pagpatuloy mo dude!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for ordering in brooklyn pizza, and i really love what you post regarding the secret ingredients in KFC’s chicken, very funny at the same time cool, More power.

    • I appreciate it dude! in return i shall link you too as soon as soon as i make a “blogs I read” section.

      my credit card won’t let me buy the domain i need. I might have to pay manual or go to my bank and be mad at them.

    • oy dude yea! I’m finishing the story board lang. kailangan makapag meeting tayo. Add kita sa ym tapos pag usapan natin ang free times natin. galing ng mga mix mo dude :)

      • wahoho! narinig moh? nice nice thanks! sinusubmit ko yan sa mga clubs eh. kaso mga di naman sikat amp. . sige2 kitakits bukas!

  4. O sige harry, “fans club” mo na ako. keep me posted. suggest you search daily writing tips site if you truly love writing. this is one site i like learning from daily–it has daily feeds i have subscribed to already.

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